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R Burwell My title says it all!

 Here you go. It's this simple I give you the sites, you do what you need to. You make some money, i make some money we are both happy.

I will do my best to give you the details and what you can do to make the most out of it.Here is the list: Learn it, like it, love it. Got it?

Sper points

July 7, 2012
Super Points I just redeemed a 10 dollar paypal payout. Easy to use and lots of ways to earn points. I earn a decent amount of points through e-mail and their super lucky button. There are tons of rewards you can get all the way up to a car. Crazy if you can get there but awesome if you do! Check it out by clicking the link above or below.

Cooler Cash

March 4, 2012

Cooler cash is a newer site and they run a ton of promotions. The cash out is low.

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October 29, 2011

I like their business model. It shows considerable sustainability. Check it out and make some money!

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SquishyCash...Let the good times roll!

February 17, 2011

Many payout options and lot's of ways to earn. What's not to love? They have daily contest and a great support system. Check them out!

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Cash Gopher - From the people at My Lot

January 4, 2011
Cash gopher pays you for your idle computer time. This site was just started not to long ago by the people from mylot which has a great track record. I'm jumping on this one early and seeing where it goes. Check it out by clicking the banner below.

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Treasure Trooper

November 1, 2010

 I have cashed out over a 130 so far and am in line to cash out another 45. Love this site, they have been at it for 5 plus years.If you don't make cash out your money rolls over i had 10 bucks just sit there for a few months until i came and made it to the minimum payout of 20. If you have questions please join and then ask i am willing to help.

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June 14, 2010
Centsports is a site where you start with a dime and try to build it up by making correct sports bets. If you go bust there is no worries you get a new dime reloaded and try again. Give it a shot and see how good you are at predicting sports out comes. UPDATE! Centsports has combined with

Sports Betting
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Site reconfigure

February 25, 2010
    Well after looking at the site and not doing much for a while i decided to run it with more updates so my progress can be tracked through this site. This way will make it easier to communicate who's paying, the new sites the come up, and any other information that could be of use. I am looking to update often on various topics dealing with the online money making community.

    As you will see i stray from ponzis and other suspicious things. I don't invest in anything unless it's for my p...
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